4 oktober 2022

Women, life and liberty in Iran

Over 130 deaths and still counting. We all know the brutal story. Public protests in Iran broke out after Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, died in […]
22 september 2022

Schending rechtsstaat en fundamentele rechten in Hongarije

Het is september 2022 en opnieuw staan de rechtsstaat en fundamentele rechten in Europa fel onder druk. Voornamelijk de schrijnende situatie in Hongarije baart velen van […]
28 juni 2022

Abortion bans in the US: ‘Europe cannot sit back and relax’

As of 2022, the 24th of June will be marked by a dark spot in our history books, as a shock wave hit the female community. […]
10 mei 2022

Europe must stand up for Ukrainian women and girls!

The rights of Ukrainian women and girls are under threat, both of those still living in the country as well as of those who fled the […]
11 maart 2022

Machismo is a geopolitical reality. Time to push back!

It is an unthinkable and unbearable realisation that we celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 at a time when hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian women and children […]
11 maart 2022

Dear Europe, we need to talk about our women’s rights

A fierce backlash against gender equality, and in particular sexual and reproductive health rights, is currently terrorising our continent. Recent developments show that the newly adopted […]